We Repair Scooters and Power Chairs

Factory Trained

Service Center for Most Companies

We have over 30yrs Trouble-Shooting Experience

A Service Center for Scooters and Power Chairs

We Repair Most Brands

Here are just some of the brands we repair:

Pride, Golden, Invacare, Pace Saver, Rascal, Shoprider, Drive, Dalton, Amigo, ect...

Phone # 262.877.3389


We can get any parts you need

We use Factory Warrantied Parts

Top Grade Accessories To spice up your Scooter

Offer Special Part Options To Customize Your Scooter

We Sometimes Have Quality Used Scooters Available

Phone # 262.877.3389

Ask for Help on

Hi I'm Bill

Bill Strege MD (Mobility Doctor)

I am on as a contributing expert to answer your Mobility Questions

With over 16 years experience Trouble-Shooting Mobility Problems I can help.

Winterize Your Scooter

Take care of your scooter before this!

Charge the scooter then disconnect the bats from system

Put your Scooter up on blocks to prevent flat spots

Cover with an old cotton Sheet then Plastic Sheet, Protect your baby from dust and dirt

When Spring comes reconnect the Bats, Charge them again, and away You go!

Phone # 262.877.3389

CBD Hemp Oil


Tired of arthritis pain, The Doctor won't give you a script for Oxy anymore, Time to get some CBD Oil!

Great part about CBD Oil is it does not interact with prescription medications, all natural, and legal in all 50 states!

My Doctor says a lot of patients have started taking CBD Oil for pain!

For more information follow the Link

Biocare Link

New Chair Time?

Before you run out and buy a Cheap Chair from a friend consider This:

If something goes wrong with it you will have to pay for the repair and parts

Most folks get their Chair through Insurance which will pay for most of the repairs if needed

If you need a Chair Call Open-Aire Mobility Call 888-602-7006

Phone # 262.877.3389


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